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In our accessible city of Münster we attach much importance to a good awareness of life. The ways are short: We prefer covering them by bicycle, but you may also take a bus or a walk to get quickly from the Prinzipalmarkt to the Aasee or from the castle to the Domplatz (Cathedral Square).

We wish to invite you to stay longer than for a week-end. Staying several days in Münster has some advantages as well: On Wednesdays you will have a better overview of the weekly market at the Domplatz than on Saturdays. Also, the museum landscape in Münster is so impressive and extensive that you cannot visit them all within two days. The routes of the cycle paths in the Münsterland offer a lot of ways to discover so that you can stay over a whole “cycle week” with us.

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Our breakfast buffet offers everything you need to start your day right in Münster.
Changing offers depending on the current season.
All About Flowers Hotels
The Flowers Hotels is situated near the main station and thus an ideal starting point for exploring Münster on foot or by bicycle.