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Essen has a lot to offer so we have picked out some interesting day trips here. Most are within easy walking distance, but for others a bike or public transport are more suitable. The distance from the Flowers Hotel is in the title. 


From 10.05.24 - 12.05.24

Essen Original - three-day city festival

You can already look forward to the next Essen Original from 10 to 12 May. Then it's back to the city centre for three days of partying, having fun and enjoying good music. And of course, as always, for free and outdoors.

Image: Essen Marketing

0.35 km away

Limbecker Platz

Limbecker Platz is one of the largest inner-city shopping centres in Germany. The mall was opened in 2009 and contains more than 200 shops over three and a half levels. More than 60,000 visitors come and go every day. It is good for shopping, but also for food. The gourmet lounge offers a wide variety of typical regional dishes and international specialties. 

Image: ECE, Limbecker Platz

1km away

Essen 1887 - Mixed reality - city tour

Experience a virtual journey through the centre of Essen only, thanks to the latest technology, the year is 1887. The latest Nreal Light glasses make it possible to mix the real with the virtual.

Image: Food Marketing 

1.6km away

Aalto Theatre

Visit the Aalto Theatre near the City Garden. The main opera house in Essen since 1988, here you will find events that are definitely worth seeing. The Philhamonie is directly opposite. 


2.3 km away


Rüttenscheid is the hip neighbourhood in Essen. Here you will find various shops, bars, restaurants and cafés. The Rüttenscheider Straße is also called "RÜ" and is very well-known in Essen. 


3.9 km away


Grugapark is the green heart of Essen. It has existed for 90 years and there is enough space to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. From animals to sculptures to various events - there is something for everyone in this green oasis. In this area of 60 hectares you will certainly find a place to relax. 

Photo: Rupert Oberhäuser 

5km away

Borbeck Castle

Beautiful Borbeck Castle has enchanting palace gardens in the English landscape style. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal of the finest German cuisine.


5.4km away

Zeche Zollverein (Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex)

ou will find this UNESCO World Heritage Site to the north of Essen. The Zeche Zollverein is known as the "Eiffel Tower of the Ruhr Area" and is a landmark of the city of Essen. Here you will learn a lot about German industrial and economic history. Did you know that the Zollverein was once the most efficient and largest coal mine in the world? And not only that, it was also the largest coking plant in Europe.


6km away

Villa Hügel

Visit the beautiful Villa Hügel. It was built in 1873 by the Krupp family of entrepreneurs and was their home for many years. The villa has 269 rooms and stands on a 28-hectare site located above Baldeneysee (lake Baldeney). It is a symbol of the age of industrialization in Germany.


7.8km away


Enchanting Baldeneysee is one of the Ruhr region’s artificial lakes and is located to the south of Essen. Here you will find numerous water sports and opportunities to relax. Sail across the lake with the weiße Flotte (white boat fleet). Or you can enjoy a walk or a bike ride.

Image: Blinkert/Essen Marketing

11.4km away


The Kettwig district is to the south of Essen and lies on the Ruhr river. This local recreation area has a beautiful old town that’s great for a stroll. Here you will find small cafes and restaurants, among other places of interest.  A short walk along the Ruhr is highly recommended.