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Münster Essen


to Flowers Hotels – a place to bloom - in Münster and in Essen

We think staying overnight in a hotel shouldn't just mean somewhere to sleep, but being well-rested for what's to come. Breakfast is not just a meal, but a shot of energy for the day ahead. Check-in and check-out shouldn’t be a fixed time, but should work around you.

You’re ambitious and are looking for the right atmosphere where you can be successful? We want to support our guests in both Münster and Essen. We are a family-run business and are constantly working with our team to find ways to improve our services – through exceptional design and creative ideas.

Take a look around our Flowers Hotel in Münster or book your summer stay in Essen now. We look forward to your visit.

If you have any questions you can call us on +49 251 974 439 72 in Münster or on +49 201 24679-0 in Essen. 
You can also email us at muenster(at)flowershotels(dot)de or essen(at)flowershotels(dot)de!